Sub-Committee Info

Sub-Committee Information


The New Jersey Regional Convention is an annual fundraising event that brings our fellowship together for the purpose of celebrating recovery in Narcotics Anonymous. Workshops and other activities are scheduled during the convention to encourage unity, fellowship and service among our members.  Because these conventions are a function of the New Jersey Regional Service Conference, they should be guided by the 12 Concepts and 12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous and reflect our Primary Purpose:   “To carry the message to the addict who still suffers.”




The Convention Committee is a standing Sub Committee of, and accountable to, the New Jersey Regional Service Conference.  The name of the convention will be NJRCNA (New Jersey Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous) followed by the Roman Numeral designating the sequence (i.e., the tenth convention was designated “NJRCNA X”, the eleventh “NJRCNA XI”, etc.).  It is the responsibility of each year’s planning committee to create a new theme (title) and logo (artwork).


The Convention Committee is made up of NA members from throughout the Region who participate in the planning and execution of the event.  The Convention Committee consists of an Administrative Committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer) and Sub-committee Chairpersons (Arts and Graphics, Convention Information, Fundraising and Entertainment, Hotels and Hospitalities, Merchandising, Programming and Registration.).  The committee as a whole is known as The Planning Committee.




Merchandise, Registration and F&E chairs are required to have a minimum of 3 years clean (non-waivable), with experience within the respective Sub-committee as a committee member or vice- chair.

Other Sub-committee Chairs (A&G, C.I., H&H, Programming) – 2 years non-waivable clean time with experience within the respective Sub-committee as committee member or vice chair.



  1. Attends all Planning Meetings and convention related activities and events.  Two consecutive absences from scheduled Planning meetings may result in a removal from office.
  2. Schedules (time and place) all meetings for their Sub-committee.  Provides that information to the Planning Committee for distribution to the fellowship.  Notifies the Planning Chair and Vice Chair of any changes.
  3. Prepares agenda for and presides over the Sub-committee meetings in adherence to the Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts and Convention Committee “Purpose” statement.
  4. Prepares budget, if necessary, with aid of Planning Committee Chair, Treasurer and/or BOT.  A budget is not a license to spend irresponsibly.  Guidance from the Planning Committee and the 11th concept should be utilized at all times.
  5. Communicates needs and progress to the Planning Committee in written reports at Planning Committee meetings.
  6. To actively seek out members for inclusion and hold elections for positions within their committees during their Sub-committee meetings.  Ensures that members who carry communication devices at the convention have a suggested 1 year clean.
  7. Coordinates all activities relating to their committees’ Definition, Purpose and Function as found in the Convention Committee Guidelines.
  8. To actively seek out guidance from current and prior Planning Committee members remaining open minded to suggestion.
  9. The Sub-Committee Chair presents their archives to the Planning Committee Secretary for inclusion in Planning Committee Archives at end of year.
  10. To proactively involve any other sub-committees regarding decisions and work that may affect them.



Definition and Purpose: The Arts and Graphics Sub-Committee is responsible for providing artwork and all printed material for the Planning Committee.



Definition and Purpose: The Convention Information Sub-committee collects and disseminates information concerning the convention to the NA fellowship and any interested parties.



Definition and Purpose: The Fundraising & Entertainment (F&E) Committee raises fund to support the needs of the Convention Planning Committee. They raise these funds by planning various events, which would not only generate financial support, but also create awareness & unity for the Regional Convention.  F & E should also plan entertainment during the convention itself.



Definition and Purpose: Hotels & Hospitalities serve as a highly visible welcoming committee and provides for security and orderly traffic flow.  H and H work closely with the other Sub-committees and Hotel staff to help provide a suitable atmosphere of fun and recovery for the guests of the convention.



Definition and Purpose: The Merchandising Sub-Committee is responsible for fundraising by selling convention merchandise and convention memorabilia to offset convention expenses. The Merchandise Sub-Committee is the only committee that can order merchandise for resale.



Definition and Purpose: The Programming Subcommittee is responsible for developing the schedule of speakers, workshops and events for the convention.  They allocate available hotel space to the various Sub-committees based on their needs.



Definition and Purpose: The Registration Sub-Committee is responsible for all matters relating to registering before and during the convention.